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Tips for choosing the sex of your baby

For whatever reason why you want to select the gender of your baby before they are born, the fact remain that there are some natural techniques you can use that will raise the likelihood of having a baby of a specific gender. While no technique is hundred percent perfect, scientific proofs support a number of ideas that will support you improve your possibilities for having either a girl or a boy.

These techniques are based on the scientific studies of the 2 sperm types – Androsperm who carry Y (Male) chromosomes which are very important for a boy are different from the Gynesperm that carry X (female) chromosome which are important for a girl. By knowing these differences, and selecting the best techniques, the woman can make an environment where one kind of sperm has a bigger chance of victory over the other.

The best diet – The PH levels of a ladies body decide how thick the cervical release is and whether or not wanted sperm will be capable to get through effectively. In order to have body, Y sperm need an atmosphere that is highly alkali in nature, a diet top in sodium and potassium is needed. In order to have a baby girl, The X sperm need more acidic atmosphere which is achieved by eating a diet that is top in magnesium and calcium.

The best time – The timing of hen you have intercourse plays a vital role in gender selection. In order for the Y sperm to reach the fame egg as fast as possible, it is important to time interaction to the day that you ovulate to raise your possibilities of having a body. But in order to have a girl, you need to permit the Y sperm to die off, leaving the sturdy strong X sperm behind. Therefore, you will need to intercourse to about 2 or 3 days before ovulation. This provides the X sperm that sufficient time to achieve the egg.

The best position – The position you select for intercourse can also better the odds for conceiving an exact gender. The Y sperm need to reach their location fast meaning they should be launched as close to the cervix as easy, shortening the journey they must take to the egg. Positions that permit for deep penetration are perfect for conceiving a body. In order to have a baby girl, you need to make it hard for the sperm to reach the egg.




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