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Believe it or not you can now select your babies gender

This might sound hard to believe. But Did you know there is now a way to select the gender of your baby? That’s right, you can now choose whether or not you want a boy or a girl.

And not only that over 94% of the couples who used this method had the boy or girl they wanted. Plus another 8,000 women have used it to decide to gender of their baby AND it’s been proven in medical journals that this method can dramatically increase the chances of having your dream baby.

It was discovered by a women named Alicia Pennington.

She specifically wanted a daughter first and then a boy and by using natural methods of gender selection she made this dream come true.

Alicia worked as a midwife for more than 12 years, and after speaking to so many mothers she realized that one of the main reasons why some of them suffered from post natal depression was because they wanted a boy instead of a girl or vice versa.

This affected her deeply and she started researching baby gender selection methods because she wanted to avoid this happening to her and other women.

And after extensive research and time spent studying different natural gender selection methods, she selected the best ones and tested them on herself.

9 months later she welcomed her daughter Marie into the world.

But she wanted to know if her technique would work for other women so she started to introduce it to her patients. At first they were skeptical but as she continue to explain they become more curious and eventually tried it.

One year later, over 117 couples had used her method and 112 of them had conceived the baby gender of their choice.

(That’s a success rate of over 94%!)

And when word started to spread her phone began to ring off the hook. Soon she was a full time consultant on baby gender selection and had finally achieved her dream of helping mothers have their perfect baby.

Now she wants to help you.

Alicia has written a short e-Book she calls “Prince or Princess”

In this book you’re going to learn how to choose the exact sex of your baby.

These are the same methods used by 100’s of women and they have been broken down into 3 easy steps.

First you’ll learn about ovulation and the importance of knowing when you are ovulating for conceiving a boy or girl. Then you’ll learn about the importance of your diet and how to adjust it to create the ideal environment for conceiving a boy or girl. Finally, you learn about the sexual positions which can influence the sex of the baby.

Her methods are proven to work and have a more than 94% success rate. But because she knows you’re skeptical there is a 100% rock solid money back no questions asked guarantee on her book.

That’s right, if it doesn’t work you get a full refund.

And if you’ve ever wished you could decide the sex of your baby but never believed it was possible go here now and read more about Alicia Pennington’s baby gender selection methods.

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